Monday January 28, 2019

Stone Indictments Are Just Smoke?

Less about collusion and more about distraction and obstruction? Click Here for Story

Michigan Winter Emergency?

 Travel not recommended in Southern Michigan Monday Click Here for Details

DEQ Employees Accused Of Payroll Padding

Bioterrorism monitors falsified records, drove state vehicles for personal use

MSU Professor: Wind Turbines Can Cause Illness

Dizziness and nausea are just two symptoms

Evil Is Real

Image result for andrew cuomo New York Abortion law is disgusting Click Here for Details

Clinton Still Contemplating

Will Hillary run again? Click Here for Story

First Independent Throws Hat?

Image result for howard schultz Former Starbucks CEO contemplates 2020 run Click Here for Details

Import 3rd World Become 3rd World

Europe is falling apart Click Here for Story

Democrats Double Down on Their Lies

Still pushing Russian collusion on the President despite 2 years and no evidence  Click Here for Details

GOP Also Turning Against Americans?

Warn POTUS NOT to use Emergency declaration to build the wall Click Here for Details

Who Are These Guys?

Black Hebrew Israelites are just black supremacists Click Here for Story

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