Monday January 6, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Nothing New…

Iran says its abandoning Nuclear Deal but were they ever following through? Click Here for Detail

More Inaccurate Media On Amount Michigan Taxpayers Pay For Schools

Reports do reveal what school establishments want public to think about how much they get

Iraqi Parliament Votes Against US Troops?

Wants US forces expelled from the country Click Here for Details

Russia Has Its Own Problems?

Russia's regions are in revoltFractures in the Russian homeland Click Here for Story

Peace Through Fear Does Not Work

The US was right to stand up against Iranian aggression Click Here for Details

Hypocrite Hollywood

Anti-Gunner Hollywood once again shows its hypocrisy with armed security Click Here for Story

Straight to the Top

Pompeo: US Is Now Targeting Iran's 'Actual Decision-Makers' US strategy will now hold Iranian decision makers responsible for their malicious actions Click Here for Details

Biden Flashback

Remember when Joe Biden reacted to Iranian aggression differently? Click Here for Story


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