Monday July 1, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Arrest the Portland Mayor

Allowing citizens to be attacked Click Here for Story

Supreme Court Makes it Easier for Property Owners to Defend their Constitutional Rights

Property owners may now seek redress in federal courts

Domestic Terrorists

Its time to treat Antifa like the terrorists they are Click Here for Story

Inferior Compared To What? Detroit Students Slam Charter School

When adjusted for student backgrounds, this charter outperformed Detroit district schools

POTUS Raises Stakes for 2020

Restarts talks with North Korea and China in trip to Asia Click Here for Story

Eyes Open for the Fourth

Feds issue domestic terror warning for Independence Day activities Click Here for Details

Ilhan Omar on the Wrong Side

Backs CAIR in attempt to target FBI terror database Click Here for Story

Trouble in Hong Kong

Protests worsen Click Here for Details

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