Monday July 11. 2016

Can GOP Parlay Comey’s Comments?

  Damning results for  Clinton but GOP needs to be smart Click Here for Details

Local Golf Course Gets Makeover

Updates galore at Rolling Meadows Click Here for Story

MSU Drops Algebra From Graduation Requirements

    Michigan State University is the latest public university to tweak its general education curriculum, favoring quantitative courses over traditional math courses. … more

Obama Blasted

Cornell West calls Obama weak on shooting Click Here for Details

Dallas Shooter Planned More

Bigger attacks were in his plans Click Here for Story and Video

California Heading to Confiscation?

Obama’s anti-gun dream may become a reality in California Click Here for Details and Video

More Cops Under Attack

Protestors attack cops in St Paul Click Here for Story

Son of Bin Laden

Bin-Laden.jpgLike a bad movie son of Osama vows revenge on US Click Here for Details

US Airman Missing in Italy

  Disappeared after cookout in Northern Italy Click Here for Story

Finally, No PC Here

Image result for general michael flynn   Trump VP possibility says illegals are illegal not Click Here for Details and Video

Europe Looking in Wrong Direction for Enemies?

Worrying about Russia instead of ISIS and Islam Click Here for Story and Video


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