Monday July 2, 2018

Democrat Schism

How far left is too much for Democrats ? Click Here for Story

Teacher Once Claimed He Fantasized About Being A Barista

 A Birmingham Public Schools teacher said he fantasized about being fired and working as a barista. Three years later, he’s making $9,000 more a year. … more

Double Down

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 4.38.38 PMMore Democrats want to abolish ICE  and leave the US with open borders Click Here for Story

DOJ Corruption Grows?

Stunning revelation buried deep in IG report blows hole in Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting narrative Clinton Lynch meeting was coordinated Click Here for Story

Canada Ups the Game on Tariffs

Instead of getting fair they push the envelope Click Here for Details

The Left Gets Violent

Antifa attacks peaceful right wing protests? Click Here for Story

Eyes Finally Opening

HungaryFrench Ambassador now seeing that Muslim migrants are anti-semitic Click Here for Details

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