Monday July 24, 2017

Scaramucci Debut

Mixed reviews on Trump Admin’s new head of communications? Click Here for Story

Replace Coal With Solar? We’re Going To Need A Lot Of Acres

  When it comes to land use, coal plants are 42 times more efficient than solar panels in producing electricity. … more

Trippin Up Al

Watch: Al Gore refuses to give direct answer when confronted over bogus 2006 claims on climate change Gore has problems answering questions on his climate scam Click Here for Story

The Plague?

ISIS threatens release of anti-Biotic resistant form of The Plague Click Here for Details

The Trump Effect?

Gas At 12 Year Low Click Here for Story

End The MSM

Breitbart Editor seeks end of mainstream biased media Click Here for Details

Fake Jake

CNN’s Tapper caught up in his own fake news? Click Here for Story

Weiner’s Laptop

Records recovered from Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer Click Here for Details

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