Monday July 25, 2016

Wasserman-Schultz Resigns

Wasserman Schultz to resign amid DNC email controversy Steps down as DNC chair amid leaked email scandal Click Here for Story and Video

Takes Care of Her Own

In a sort of thank you letter, Hillary Clinton said Debbie Wasserman Schultz will serve as a surrogate for her national campaign, helping the team in Florida and other key states.(AP Photo/Jim Mone) Hillary rewards ousted DNC chair for favoring her campaign? Click Here for Details

Obama’s Brother Supports Trump

Obama's Half-Brother Wants Trump  Hillary’s actions cause President’s half brother to become a Republican Click Here for Story

Syrian Refugee Kills Pregnant Woman

GERMANY OUT Uses machete in another horrific attack in Germany Click Here for Details and Video

Turkish Purge Spirals Out of Control

A total of 62 Students of Kuleli Miltary School in Istanbul have been arrested for treason  62 school children arrested for treason  Click Here for Story and Here for More Atrocities

More Stupidity from Secretary Kerry

   Equates climate change with Terrorism Click Here for Story

Developing: Explosion in Germany

Allegedly explosive device detonated killing at least 1 Click Here for Story

Fire Near NATO Base in Turkey

Is something afoot in Turkey? Click Here for Story and Video


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