Monday July 27, 2015

Competition is Good

Let the Morouns build their bridge too Click Here for Details

  New Michigan public schools superintendent Brian Whiston has said that he thinks teachers need to make more money, especially the one just starting out. But its the teachers’ unions that prevent quality young teachers from starting anywhere but the bottom of the payscale. … more

Obama at His Best

  China hack on the Federal government the biggest in US history Click Here for Details

Senate Votes for Scam to Make Corporations Richer

Export Import gets revival from Senators using US tax dollars Click Here for Story

Cruz Sticks it to McConnell

Cruz Doubles Down on McConnell  Doubles down on calling Senate Majority leader McConnell a liar Click Here for Details

Karma; Jihadi John Turns Chicken?

jihadi john  Leaves ISIS because other jihadis might kill him? Click Here for Story

Is Obama Hurting Hillary

Hillary faces dangerous enemy in the Obama administration Are Hillary scandals being helped by Obama behind the scenes? Click Here for Details

IDIOT in Chief

AP Photo/Connor Radnovich Obama says guns are a bigger threat than terrorism Click Here for Story

The Result of Unchecked Immigration

Malmo, Sweden, December 20, 2014 © Stig-Ake Jonsson Violence reaches new levels in Sweden Click Here for Details

Dirty Thumb Drive

  Are Hillary’s on a lawyer’s thumb drive? Click Here for Story

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