Monday July 9, 2018

Who Will It Be?

POTUS Top 4 picks for SCOTUS Click Here for Details

A Political Fiction that Won’t Go Away

 Even as the state once again approves more dollars for Michigan schools, the notion that their funding has been cut remains a political fiction that just won’t go away.  … more

Michigan’s Local Wind Farm Opposition May Drive New Developments To Iowa

 Consumers Energy, one of Michigan’s two big regional utility monopolies, suggests in a recent report that it may focus its efforts outside the state when it comes to building more wind power developments, in part due to public opposition in the Michigan Thumb region. … more

Another Lying SocialistAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez changes campaign bio after truth is revealed about where she grew up

Democrats Candidate and admitted socialist caught lying on resume Click Here for Details

The NATO Summit

5 things to watch Click Here for Details

What Is Happening with Brexit

Are the elites trying to slow or stop Brexit Click Here for Story

Upside of Tariff?US factories register faster-than-expected growth in June

800 new jobs in Illinois Steel industry? Click Here for Details

Does This Sink Kavanaugh?

One SCOTUS prospect might have an issue? Click Here for Details

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