Monday June 24, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Did Rep Ilhan Omar Broke the Law?

Document indicate Congresswoman Omar lived with one man while claiming married to another Click Here for Details

What Law Says Is Optional With These School Districts And Unions

Cozy management/labor relations in public school districts contribute to abuses


Reparations for Gay couples? Click Here for Details

Payback ?

Did the US hit back at Iran after all? Click Here for Story

The New Arms Race

a building with a knife: A Mach 14 Waverider glide vehicle, which takes its name from its ability to generate high lift and ride on its own shock waves. This shape is representative of the type of systems the United States is developing today.Hypersonic missiles? Click Here for Details

Can’t Handle the Truth

Ocasio-Cortez refuses invitation to see historical concentration camps Click Here for Details

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