Monday June 5, 2017

 The Violent Left

Police confiscate weapons from Antifa in Portland Click Here for Details

FBI Raids Home in Dearborn Michigan

Calling it a national security issue Click Here for Story And Here for More Info

Trump Did Carry (Metro) Pittsburgh

Despite media claims Trump did win the wider Pittsburgh metro area Click Here for Details

The Stupidity of The Fake News

NBC attacks Trump for calling London attack terrorism — then it epically backfires in their face NBC hits Trump for calling London attack terrorism Click Here for Story

We Need Travel Ban

Trump tweets renewed push for travel ban after London Bridge 'incident'In order to not be like Europe we must stop importing terrorists Click Here for Details

Unarmed British Police Ran from Terrorists?

Ii IS time to arm British police Click Here for Story

No Credibility

Comey has lost all credibility Click Here for Details

More Clinton Emails

  Judicial Watch gets more Clinton emails released Click Here for Story

Enough Words

FarageCan Britain and Europe learn from their errors? Click Here for Details


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