Monday June 6, 2016

Clinton the Gun Grabber

 Refuses to acknowledge Gun Ownership is a Constitutional right Click Here for Story

The Vernors Story

   Detroit beverage has made it 150 years Click Here for Details

Retiree Obligations, Lack of Cash Hampers Michigan’s Fiscal Condition

  Retiree obligations and cash solvency for short-term expenses are hampering Michigan’s fiscal condition, according to a new report. … more

IRS Releases Who They Targeted

 List of Tea Party groups targeted by IRS released Click Here for Details

New Philippine President Has Unique Idea?

In this file photo taken April 29, 2016, presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte answers questions from the media in Manila, Philippines.  (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez, File)  Tells public to kill drug dealers themselves Click Here for Story

Can Trump Work with Ryan

After getting endorsement who will GOP agenda? Click Here for Details

Proof of Paid Protesters

Protester admits he was paid by answering an ad on Craig’s List Click Here for Details

Sanders Hits Clinton on Foreign Donations

Clinton Foundation was getting foreign money while Hillary was Secretary of State Click Here for Story and Video

Liberal Reporter Wants to Blame Trump for Egging

Violent rioters not to blame just Trump Click Here for Details and Video


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