Monday March 19, 2018

Well Well

Adam Schiff Russia probeEven Adam Schiff says McCabe maybe should have been fired? Click Here for Story

Under the Utica Community Schools teachers’ contract, a teacher deemed “ineffective” can collect as much as $26,000 more each year than a colleague of equivalent seniority who is rated “highly effective.” The difference is due to extra compensation given to teachers who have accumulated academic credentials beyond a basic bachelors degree requirement, which is a common practice statewide.

The non-profit public policy think tank Brookings Institution stated, “the fact that teachers with master’s degrees are no more effective in the classroom, on average, than their colleagues without advanced degrees is one of the most consistent findings in education research.” … more

Dirty Comey

Foremer FBI Director could be in serious legal trouble Click Here for Story

Use 51 Votes

Trump Admin pushing for Senate rule changes to stop obstructionists Click Here for Details

The People Know

75% say its time for Mueller’s useless witch hunt to end Click Here for Details

Another Good Reason for Pompeo

 Joe Lieberman says Pompeo at Secretary of State would be good for a Free Iran Click Here for Details

Hillary Hurting Dems

More calls for Hillary Clinton to get off the Democratic stage Click Here for Story

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