Monday March 9, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Cognitive Issues

Dr. Jill Stein says Biden does have an issue? Click Here for Details

Teachers Unions Gave $180,000+ To Misleading Macomb Tax Hike Campaign

Tuesday ballot proposal would cost property owners $55 million annually

The Left is Hoping for a Pandemic?

MSNBC panel gleeful that Coronavirus could be Trump’s Katrina? Click Here for Details

Biden’s Past is Bernie’s Ammo?

Will Sanders campaign actually fight the establishment candidate? Click Here for Details

 Near Record Employment

Number of employed reaches 2nd highest in history Click Here for Story

Conflict Growing

Turkey and Greece border tensions getting worse Click Here for Details and Here for More Info

Immigrant Privilege?

Why do some immigrants get different legal standards Click Here for Details

DNC Discrimintating

Why are Democrats stopping Tulsi Gabbard? Click Here for Story


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