Monday May 21, 2018

Ruh Roh

051117-Feldscher WH dodge picRosenstein asks for IG investigation into Trump campaign spying Click Here for Details


Kayak Tax Proponents Try to Disguise Cash Grab as Safety Measure

  Last fall, some Michigan sheriffs began calling for a new tax on nonmotorized watercraft like kayaks, canoes and paddleboards. They say that requiring Michiganders to register these boats will generate needed revenue. … more

Mueller’s End?

BREAKING: Mueller’s investigation into Trump, Russia may finally have an ending. Here’s the date.Is an end date set for the Mueller probe? Click Here for Story

No Back Up?

Why won’t the GOP help Trump cut spending ? Click Here for Details

The Death of Venezuela?

Socialism is killing Venezuela but a socialist President will probably be re-elected Click Here for Story

Government Abuse

If the DOJ or FBI paid an informant inside the Trump campaign its over Click Here for Details and Video

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