Monday November 12, 2018

Boycott Twitter?

Fox News boycotting twitter over the Mob that attacked Tucker Carlson’s house? Click Here for Details

Can U of M Get a Title for 2018?

Season seems to have some hope Click Here for Details

Detroit Public Schools Fails To Respond To Overdue Open Records Request

It’s the law


Thousand Oaks killer had literally no reason for his massacre Click Here for Story

French PM Out of Touch

Macron decries Nationalism as unpatriotic? Click Here for Details

AZ Flip?

Arizonans may well have voted for the woman who insulted them? Click Here for Story

Scared? Yes

Not because she’s a woman or black it’s that stupidity is scary Click Here for Story

Democrat Shenanigans in Arizona?

Did a Democrat Recorder destroy ballots? Click Here for Details

Don’t Forget the Awans

Who is protecting the Pakistanis who spied on Congress? Click Here for Story


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