Monday November 25, 2013

What’s Next for Wolverines?

A mixed bag season leading up to OSU Click Here for Details

Michigan Needs to Choose School Choice

By Audrey Spalding | Courtesy of MIch Cap Con

This fall, Michigan received disappointing but expected news: The Center for Education Reform gave the state a score of ‘0’ for its school choice policies. Though charter public schools provide choice to approximately 10 percent of Michigan public school students, our state is the only one in the nation to hold the distinction of constitutionally prohibiting any form of private school choice, including tax credits.  … more

Recent History of the Filibuster

Where did this fight get ugly? Click Here for Details

Class Act

Sarah Palin on accepting Bashir’s apology Click Here for Story

No Support?

Dems and GOP don’t support Obama’s Iran deal Click Here for Details

Appeasement and Surrender?

Is the US just appeasing Iran? Click Here for Commentary

Strange Allies

  Is Israel working with Saudis for strike on Iran? Click Here for Story

Healthcare Security Breach

Vermont says its healthcare exchange had a security breach Click Here for Details

Rogers US Rewarded Iran for Bad Behavior

Iran deal not so good for the US and the world? Click Here for Story and Video

 The Price of Electricity Must Necessarily Skyrocket

   Prices jump in October Click Here for Details



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