Monday October 14, 2019 The Daily Drift

Kurds Find Their Own Solution

Strike deal with Assad’s Syrian forces and Russia Click Here for Details

The Forgotten UP?

SNL skit forgets about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Click Here for Story

MSU Tuition, Overall Spending Up Big Since 2000; State Funding Down

More spending, higher costs mean more student debt

Fox Going Phony

Last week poll showing record numbers supportin gimpeachment was phony Click Here for Details

Defending the Syrian Decision

War mongers and Media are looking for war in the Middle East? Click Here for Story

Voters are Over Investigations

Democrats have overplayed their hand with endless accusations and investigations to get rid of POTUS? Click Here for Details

Going Ater Schiff

Tea Party and some GOP congressmen filing complaints against Rep Adam Schiff Click Here for Story

California’s Decisions Are Hurting the Poor

Power black outs hurt the lowest income earners Click Here for Details

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