Monday October 21, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

What Uglies Come Forth?

Senator Graham wants former fired Ukrainian Prsoecutor to testify Click Here for Story

Lawmakers Should Let Good Jobs for Michigan Expire

Research shows state jobs programs are ineffective, expensive and unfair

Charter Schools Targeted By Veto To Protest At Governor’s Detroit Office 

Regular district schools get raise but not charters, which have more poor and minorities

Liberalism : The Mental Disease

Is easily seen when the main stream media shows it Click Here for Details

Heading East?

US moving troops out of Syria but toward Iraq? Click Here for Story

Exposing Romney

Is it jealousy or just Romney finally showing his true liberal elite colors? Click Here for Details

Commander of Comedy?

One of the reasons people love Trump Click Here for Story and Video

Protests in Lebanon

More uprising against the establishment Click Here for Details


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