Monday October 7, 2019 The Daily Drift

Double Standard Media

Believe Democrats are automatically innocent believe Republicans are automatically innocent  Click Here for Story

Focus On ‘Teacher Shortage’ Claims: Is It A Myth?

Specialty positions aside, public schools get many applicants for most openings

Proof of DNC Ukraine Collusion

Its not the Republicans who are Click Here for Details

Let’s Get Transparent

Graham vows to publicly question whistleblowers if Trump is impeachedSenator Graham ready to publicly question whistle blowers Click Here for Story

Getting Wiser?

some never Trumpers have finally  seen the light and the error of  their previous opinion Click Here for Details


Democrats are accusing the President of what they themselves are guilty of Click Here for Story

Tell Tale?

Is Louisiana race a foreshadow of a foreshadow of 2020? Click Here for Details

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