Monday September 14, 2015

Special Elections for Courser/Gamrat Seats

Newly open seats will have to be filled by special election Click Here for Details

Education’s Left Turn

We must stop the left’s control of our educational system Click Here for Story link contributed by Pgh Expat

Here’s Who Voted For What in the Gamrat-Courser Affair

There was action taken to expel freshmen Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat from the House for using government personnel and resources to cover up an extramarital affair, and for other irregularities in the operation of their offices. Courser resigned moments before the vote, so the final version only expels Gamrat. … more

Dems Get Paid by Planned Parenthood

PP sends $5 million to Democrats to keep funding Planned Parenthood Click Here for Story

Hollywood Douchebag

Adrian Grenier (Image source: Twitter)Twitter remark from liberal Hollywood actor gets him some bad attention Click Here for Details

Use Some Common Sense

Homeland Security Chair says we don’t know who refugees are Click Here for Story

How DO You Like Your Sanctuary City?

SFcrime  Murder and violence skyrocket in sanctuary cities Click Here for Details

Socialist Beating Hillary!

Sanders up big in New Hampshire and Iowa; Carson trails TrumpSanders up 20 points over Hillary in New Hampshire Click Here for Story


Closed: Germany has today halted all trains from Austria and reintroduced border controls after temporarily suspending the Schengen Agreement to cope with a record influx of refugees, pictured arriving in Munich Germany cries uncle on invasion of refugees Click Here for Details

Mixed Units Not SO Good

Study shows male only Marine units are safer and more efficient than co-ed units Click Here for Story

Imam in Chief?

Image result for obama in arab headgear  1/3 of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim Click Here for Details

Space War

Cadet members of China's People's Liberation Army  China expands celestial military capabilities Click Here for Story

Socialists in Britain

 Labour Party gests socialist head? Click Here for Details

Hiding Stupidity?

14 years after 9/11 we still don’t see the catastrophic failures of Intel Community Click Here for Story

Who Else Hacked Hillary?

Was it China? Russia? Anonymous?  or Jihadists? Click Here for Details link contributed by Pgh Expat


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