Monday September 17, 2018

Coast Guard Falls for Mock White Power Gesture?

Coast Guard okDid they remove a CG member for an ok sign or just holding your head? Click Here for Details

Union Sues Teacher For Exercising Her Right-To-Work Option

Michigan banned compulsory union fees in 2013, MEA still trying to collect them

Release the Damn Memo

Nunes predicts Dems, media will be ‘frightened’ if unredacted Carter Page FISA warrants are released Nunes says media and Democrats are scared of what’s in the Un-redacted versions Click Here for Story

Beating the Dead Horse

Rep Schiff still pushing for Russian collusion hoax Click Here for Story

Socialist Hypocrite

Criticism: A breakdown of the designer outfit, which Ocasio-Cortez wore during a photo shoot with Interview magazine, was shared on Reddit Thursday Admitted socialist candidate poses with working folk…in her $3500 business suit Click Here for Details

Where art Thou Pope Francis

Pope’s silence on abuse is deafening Click Here for Story

Latest Democrat Hits on Kavanaugh?

All lies says classmate named in report Click Here for Details

Stopping Bureaucracy

Deep state, administrative state, whatever…it must be stopped Click Here for Story


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