Monday September 29, 2014

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If You Got IT Spend It?

New tax gives AAATA budget surplus but for how long? Click Here for Details

Heroin OD’s on the Rise

More overdose deaths from heroin Click Here for Story

Without Fracking, Oil Prices Would be at Record Highs

Crude oil would cost at least a record-setting $150-a-barrel today if not for increased oil production in the United States, according to the top administrator at the U.S. Energy Information Administration. … more

UAW Dues Hike was Unnecessary

The union’s website says the purpose of the fund is to “lessen the financial burden on striking UAW members and their families,” but the current fund is sufficient for this purpose. A serious look at the numbers calls the union leadership’s cry for more funds into question. … more

More Government Fraud

Photo - From 2009 to 2012, the number of Marylanders signed up for Lifeline grew to twice as many as Maryland's eligible residents. (iStock) Obama phone use grows 100 fold in Maryland and there aren’t that many eligible Click Here for Details

MSNBC Calls Religous Beheading Workplace Violence

Image source: MSNBC via MRC-TV  And they wonder why their ratings are falling Click Here for Story


Juan Williams: Economy could tip election to Dems   Obama admits intelligence underestimated ISIS Click Here for Details

Dollars Down the Toilet

Obama Admin still wants to pump money into “green” companies that end up failing? Click Here for Story

China Uprising?

  Protests begin to grow in China Click Here for Details

Changing Their Mind?

erdogan  Turkey begins to move toward joining the Anti-ISIS coalition Click Here for Story

Not Following

     Under Eric Holder upholding the law was just a suggestion Click Here for Story


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