Monday September 9, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

McCabe Must Be Indicted

DOJ Must Prove to America There is Not a Two Tiered Justice System Click Here for Details

The Study Industry

Ann Arbor spending $650,000 tax payer dollars on another study Click Here for Details

Octogenarian Bailiffs Finally Get Dismissed From Detroit Court

‘One of my favorite stories of government run amok’

Kamala The Liar

Kamala Harris caught in yet another lie Click Here for Story

 POTUS Cancels Taliban Meeting

Peace talks take a hit after Taliban continues terror bombings Click Here for Details

Another Loser

Lying Adulterer Sanford wants to run for GOP Presidential candidate Click Here for Story

Stopping the Stupidity

States cancelling GOP primaries for President as another loser tries to get a shot at POTUS race Click Here for Story

Who Is Paying for the Invasion of America?

These groups have dirty international ties Click Here for Details

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