Monday December 31, 2018

New Years Eve!

Image result for new years Be careful out there!  Free ride home for some? Click Here for Story

Lindsey On Board?

Senator Graham says he’s much more comfortable about Syria pullout after update from the President Click Here for Story

Facebook Protects Illegals

Facebook takes action against users for telling the truth about illegal aliens Click Here for Details

Border Deal: DACA for Wall Funding?

Will the Democrats help DACA kids or are they just using illegals for political gain? Click Here for Details

Crazy Leftists

 Store clerk fired for video of rant against a Trump supporting customer Click Here for Story and Video

Pushing Their Envelope

 Iran demands Trump remove troops from Iraq? Click Here for Details

Democrats Have Blood on Their Hands

Death of another police officer is partly Democrat’s fault for not securing the border Click Here for Details and Video

Why We NEED the Wall

 POTUS is spot on for demanding physical barrier funding Click Here for Details


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