Tuesday November 28, 2017

Freedom Watch Wants to Oust Mueller?

Watchdog group says special counsel is just a rogue biased politician? Click Here for Details

Change Careers to Teaching? Take the SAT

 The Michigan Department of Education has given experienced professionals one more reason not to consider a career switch to teaching: They would have to retake a college entrance examination. And that’s on top of other requirements from the state. … more

Hillary Clinton is Very Dangerous

Liberal Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton backers wished rape upon me, candidate was ‘very dangerous’One Hollywood Star says Hillary Clinton is still very dangerous? Click Here for Details

Not Stepping Down

Franken seeks to head off calls for resignationProven harasser Senator Al Franken thinks his apology is enough Click Here for Story

Animal Cruelty by Antifa

Police horse dies during protests? Click Here for Details

Trust the Polls?

Can polls be trusted in Alabama Senate race? I think not… Click Here for Details

Not An Icon

Sheriff Clarke begs to differ on who John Conyers is Click Here for Story

Tax Cuts Work

9 Economists sign letter saying tax cuts WILL grow the economy Click Here for Details

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