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WHO Covered Up Pandemic

No excuse for failing actions of so called experts Click Here for Details

Gretchen Hitler

Michigan’s governor brings lockdown to new outrageous heights to destroy the economy Click Here for Story

The Shutdown’s Cost: ‘All My Life’s Work’ Savings, Jobs Created, Everything … Will Be Gone

Frustrated that car dealer and repair shop can avoid person-to-person contact

Americans Won’t Take Lockdown Much Longer?

Is he

Lawn Mowing Double Jeopardy In Roseville? City’s Order Versus State’s

Residents of Macomb community face potential Catch-22 in getting grass cut

Disgusting Liberal Journalist

Jennifer Rubin tells Biden that he should blame Trump for killing people to win the election Click Here for Story

Asian Hornet

 Asian Hornets are expected to invade the U.S. this springAnother invasive species hitting the US Click Here for Details

Democrats Giving Money to Illegals

Chicago Mayor issues EO to help illegals with taxpayer cash Click Here for Story

Schiff Stats Beating the Horse Again

Adam SchiffCovid 19 crisis gives Rep Adam Schiff another shot at impeachment Click Here for Details

Deep State Doctor?

 Is Dr. Fauci the right man for the job? Click Here for Story

Saudis and Russia Come to Agreement?

Oil production cutback to raise prices Click Here for Story

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