Saturday April 13, 2019

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Hmmm… The Left Caught up in Their Own Hypocrisy

POTUS says he’ll send Illegals to Sanctuary Cities since they want them Click Here for Details

Omar Can’t Shut Up

Yet another ill mannered tweet from Rep Ihan Omar Click Here for Details

State Business Subsidy Recipients Get, Keep Taxpayer Dollars

Half the beneficiary firms failed to meet targets or created zero new jobs

Moron of the Left

Maxine Waters shows her stupidity again Click Here for Details and Video

Schumer Out of Touch

Leaves immigration off list of what Americans care about Click Here for Details

Wikileaks Is the Press?

Alan Dershowitz says there is no difference between Wikileaks and the New York Times Click Here for Story

White Privilege Myth

New survey on the idea of white privilege Click Here for Details

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