Saturday April 28, 2018

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Nancy Pelosi border wall fundingPelsosi lied to her own party about President getting his border wall? Click Here for Details

Michigan Economy Rebounds, But Medicaid Enrollment Soars

  The total number of Michigan residents receiving either food stamps or Medicaid assistance increased by over a half-million people between February 2009 and February 2018.  … more

Liar Liar?

Bret Baier grills James Comey about the ‘Trump dossier’ – and gets a very odd responseComey’s latest interview doesn’t add up Click Here for Story

Dead Horse Beater

Rep Adam Schiff still chewing on phony collusion Click Here for Details

Believable or Another Ruse?

Is North Korea really on the path to peace? Click Here for Story

More Sexual Harassment?

From liberal media anchors Click Here for Details

Nobel Peace Prize?

A bit early for this kind of talk Click Here for Story

Iranian Invasion?

Over 80,000 Iranian troops in Syria? Click Here for Details

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