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Media Politicizing Corona Crisis

Critics of POTUS don’t want daily Corona press briefings covered Click Here for Details

Not Just Older People

Younger Patients Make Up Big % of Covid-19 patients in Michigan Click Here for Details 

Veteran Economist: Extended Downturn Also Risks Lives, Social Unrest, Despondency

David Littmann praises virus response to date; says fiscal challenges require we save more

Democrats Want Destruction

MSM and the Democrats are celebrating the Corona Crisis Click Here for Details

Michigan Unemployment Claims Almost Triple Previous High

From 5,338 per week to 311k; restaurants that once employed 292k mostly shut down

Trump Fan?

Governor Newsom won’t talk smack about POTUS Click Here for Story

The Trail to Wuhan

Virus may have come from a Chinese lab not a market? Click Here for Details

Corona 5G Conspiracy?

Theory blames 5G technology for virus? Click Here for Details

COVID-19 Pushes Unemployment

A sign post in the window of a Main Street business in Walnut Creek, California, March 24, 2020. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images) Record levels due to ordered shutdowns Click Here for Story

The Upside of Pandemic

It will bring manufacturing home and stop globalism? Click Here for Details

Pinocchio Joe

Joe Biden is racking up the Pinocchios with all his lies Click Here for Story

Russia Shut Down Till April 30th

Corona has hit all countries Click Here for Details

Checks Should Not Be Slow

Secretary Mnuchin disputes reports stimulus checks will take months Click Here for Details

California Arrests Paddle Boarder

Violating stay at home to surf is wrong in CA Click Here for Details

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