Saturday August 18, 2018

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The Deep State Threatening Judges?

Judge Ellis in Manafort trial has received death threats Click Here for Story

Where ARE The Parents?

Separated? Huge numbers of  children are showing up at the border WITHOUT their parents Click Here for Story

Michigan Chamber of Commerce: Union-Backed Ballot Proposals Will Harm Business 

Employers may find it hard to manage their business under paid leave measure

This IS the Democrat Party

Ariz. Democratic candidate for governor: We should let minors get abortions without parental consentDemocrats want abortions for children without the parent consent? Click Here for Details

The Media Wants You To Stay Home

Another mainstream media outlet is pushing a Blue Wave in November Click Here for Story

Brennan IS a Rearend

Senator Kennedy has the right word for John Brennan Click Here for Details


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