Saturday December 22, 2018

Robert’s Helps SCOTUS Reject Border Security Rule

Judge sides with liberals again Click Here for Details

Fewer Parents Taking Education for Granted

Surveys highlight growing involvement, diverse goals

Forget Russia Our Most Dangerous Enemy Is…

Image result for chinese submarines No has new nuclear capabilities Click Here for Story

Can Shutdown Be Averted?

Corker says Senate may have a way? Click Here for Story

Yep Fake News

Reporter making up news Click Here for Details

How Loyal?

Does the US military support the Trump agenda? Click Here for Story

How Much is $5 Billion for the Wall ?

Feds spend as much in a month on food stamps as POTUS wants for the wall Click Here for Details

US Growth Rate is Strong

Despite the doom and gloom by the media and left US growth for 3rd Quarter is good Click Here for Details

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