Saturday December 8, 2018

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Why Won’t Comey Answer?

DOJ lawyers still telling COmey not to answer questions Click Here for Details

Practical Short-Term Health Coverage Unlikely Unless Legislature Acts

Useful option made possible by recent federal rule change, but GOP hasn’t moved and Dems likely to oppose

‘Stand Up To Billionaires And Corporations’? Tlaib Voted To Give Them One Billion Taxpayer Dollars

 She approved 8 of 8 bills that authorized taxpayer subsidies to corporations and developers

Enough Already

Political Correctness is so outrageous its laughable Click Here for Details

Looking for Anything

Mueller still has nothing but unrelated charges in Collusion investigation Click Here for Details

AI Turning Point?

Deep Mind project has interesting development for artificial intelligence Click Here for Story

Trump Economy

Record employment…again! Click Here for Story

Baby That/s Cold

Triggering the left with oldies Click Here for Details

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