Saturday February 14, 2015

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 Illegals Will Vote in 2016

14-month-old Zoe Buck checks out an empty voting booth as at her mother, Julie Buck, votes at left on Nov. 4 at the Alaska Zoo polling place in Anchorage, Alaska. (Associated Press)Obama’s exec actions leave huge loophole for Illegal Immigrants to vote Democrat in 2016 Election Click Here for Story

Same Dead Horse?

Photo - (iStock)   Democrats will use same old scare tactics for 2016? Click Here for Story

The Complete Collapse of Obama Foreign Policy

Humiliating the United States on the world scene Click Here for Details and Video

GOP Can’t Pull Their Act Together?

  Will they blink on DHS funding and Obama Illegal Immigrant actions? Click Here for Story

Dems Willing to Shut Down Homeland Security

Screenshot  DHS funding held up because Dems want to push Obama’s Amnesty Click Here for Details and Video

Double Talker

putin   Putin rolls heavy weapons into Ukraine even as he agrees to peace agreement? Click Here for Details

Why US Funds China?

Why are we still sending aid to China? Click Here for Details

ISIS Closing in On Marines?

Terrorists attack Airbase hosting US Marines Click Here for Story

I Didn’t Know?

Image result for luis gutierrez   Congressman Luis Gutierrez claims ignorance that his illegal immigrant friends are getting refunds they haven’t paid for Click Here for Details

Apple Electric Car

Is this the new automotive competitor ? Click Here for Details

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