Saturday February 16, 2019 The Daily Drift

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National Emergency on the Border

POTUS declares National Emergency and now the legal battle will ensue? Click Here for Details

Medical Welfare Programs Look To Price Another Year Of Life

Is a beneficiary’s ‘quality-adjusted life year’ worth the cost of a drug?

Union Membership Continues to Drop Nationwide

The Janus decision is having an effect on membership

Does Funding Bill Have Poison Pills In It?

Are there portions in bill that would prevent the wall? Click Here for Story

Portland Wrong

City of Portland leaves Terrorism taskforce to protect Antifa and Illegals? Click Here for Story

Ruth Shows Up

Ginsburg back at Supreme Court  Justice Ginsburg back at SCOTUS Click Here for Details and Video


Fed government is spending more than ever before Click Here for Details

Republicans Wanted More

Many House Republicans voted no on latests spending bill because of the lack of border wall funding Click Here for Details

Who Does SHE Work For?

Ilhan Omar Omar rant seems oddly familiar and from the wrong place Click Here for Details


Smollett racial attackers Click Here for Story

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