Saturday February 22, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Bernie Surge

Are most Dem Presidential candidates just vying for 2nd place? Click Here for Story

Well Well

What does John Bolton have to say about impeachment? Click Here for Details

Bad Arguments for Government Broadband in Metro Detroit

Government-provided internet puts taxpayers on the hook

Bill Would Tax Residences For Local Business Improvements

Municipal governments, corporate welfare agencies, special interests all on board

Russia Russia Russia

Dems and Media got back to the well for more Russian collusion snakeoil Click Here for Details

The Latest on Coronavirus

Other countries now seeing cases? Click Here for Story


 Cambridge Massachusetts tells police to stop arresting illegals driving without license Click Here for Details

The End of Joe

Biden pushes ban on all semi-automatic firearms Click Here for Details

Why Papers Disappeared?

Many newspapers folding most didn’t support Trump Click Here for Story


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