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Purge the Traitors

Image result for vindman  Vindman to be booted from NSC Click Here for Details

The Latest Dem Debate

Click Here for Details

Free Fishing in Michigan

Michigan has its free fishing weekend on schedule Click Here for Story

Schools Will Get No Relief From Construction Mandate, Whitmer Says

Governor vetoes bill that would have exempted schools from requirement to heat outdoor ticket booths

Ruh Roh

Investigation involving Bidens begins? Click Here for Details

Bloomberg Plagiarist?

Plagiarism seems to be part and parcel of Democrat campaigns? Click Here for Details

Michigan Can Spend its Fuel Taxes on Roads

Reprioritizing revenue to roads is better than taking on bonds

DNC Beginning War with Bernie?

Will this divide deepen ? Click Here for Story

Trump Economy Soaring

More jobs higher wages! Click Here for Details

Real or Rigged?

Image result for buttigiegIs polling being designed to push Buttigieg over Sanders  ? Click Here for Story

Another One Bites the Dust

Images of AQAP leader Qasim al-Rimi. (Photo by Yemeni Ministry of Interior/AFP via Getty Images) US confirms another dead Al Qaeda terrorist Click Here for Details

Winning Week Continues

Court sides with Trump over Emoluments suit Click Here for Story






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