Saturday January 12, 2019

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Deal Breaker

If Barr must recuse he should NOT be nominated Click Here for Details

More Democrat Stupidity

Image result for debbie dingell Congresswoman Dingell wants legislation to put breathalyzers in all cars Click Here for Story

Average State Employee Takes 27.3 Paid Days Off Each Year

17.1 days is paid leave and the rest is sick time

Bad Cop Gone

Florida Governor removes Sheriff Scott Israel Click Here for Details

Democrats Ignore the Crisis

Call Border crisis manufactured Click Here for Story (link contributed by Joe Leonard)

Border Wall Cost Comparison

POTUS’s border wall would cost less than these Federal Programs Click Here for Details


Democrats would sue to stop President from building a wall and protecting Americans Click Here for Details

Federal Workers Miss Their 1st Paycheck

Shutdown only now causes a missed paycheck Click Here for Story

Feds Not Doing Enough to Stop Illegal Immigration

 Poll shows Americans want more efforts to stop illegals Click Here for Story

Drama Town: Bezos Divorce Blunder

Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos provides the keynote address at the Air Force Association's Annual Air, SpaceAmazon founder Jeff Bezos sent “selfies” to his mistress? Click Here for Story

Democrats Accept Anti-Semitism?

Silence by the DNC over its anti-semite members doesn’t bode well for the party Click Here for Details

DNC Donor In Trouble

Two men have now died within two years at wealthy DNC donor’s home Click Here for Story

Russia to The Table?

Is Russia now ready to talk about the INF treaty? Click Here for Details

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