Saturday January 2, 2016

Citrus Bowl Win for U of M

Wolverines romp over Gators Click Here for Details

What You Read Last Year: Our Top Stories of 2015

Here’s a look at the most read stories on Michigan Capitol Confidential in 2015. Stories about hating political opponents, EPA overregulation, union bullying, and right-to-work income gains were among our top stories of the year. … more

Buying Hillary

Latest emails sow George Soros was happy with his access to Hillary Clinton Click Here for Details

New Years Hero

Man heroically saves woman from elevator accident but loses his life  Click Here for Story and Video

Law Breaker in Chief?

The latest Hillary Clinton messages are drawn chiefly from 2011 and 2012 and cover everything from her attempts to manage growing unrest in the Middle East to keeping an eye on a presidential run. (Associated Press)Obama will use Exec actions to push gun control Click Here for Details

More Classified Emails?

Latest document dump of Hillary emails show more secret emails Click Here for Story and Video

Border Open

Residents complain about illegals pouring across the unsecured US border Click Here for Details and Video

Continued Benghazi Lies

Hillary tripped up again on Benghazi questions Click Here for Details

Saudis Doing More Beheadings

   Discretionary rulings used more often for severest of punishment Click Here for Story

Dirty Rubio in the Sky

sky writing anti-Trump   Rubio campaign behind anti-Trump politicizing of Rose Bowl Parade? Click Here for Details


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