Saturday January 25, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Whitmer Gets the Nod?

Michigan’s Governor will get to deliver the Democrat response to State of the Union Click Here for Story

Biden Prefers Illegals?

Joe Biden calls illegal immigrants more American than Americans Click Here for Details

More Attention for Interstate Compacts to Eliminate Business Subsidies

There are lessons to be learned from a recent agreement

The Latest on China’s Corona Virus

Millions quarantined ? Click Here for Details

Defense Team Ready?

Trump team to present case for two hours on Saturday Trump defense team will start on Saturday Click Here for Details

China Virus in US

CDC confirms US cases Click Here for Details

Bans And Bad Feelings After ‘Stealth’ Odd-Year, August School Tax Hike Election

Superintendent bans two residents from U.P. school property without prior notice

Giuliani Has the Goods?

Threatens to out Biden’s corruption Click Here for Details

March for Life

POTUS attends March for Life Rally Click Here for Story and Video

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