Saturday January 26, 2019

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Shutdown Over?

Democrats win and Americans lose border security Click Here for Story

Thin Man

Mueller indictment of Stone shows thin criminality Click Here for Details

Schools Get More For Fewer Students, Spending Interests Claim Cuts

When a cut is merely a reduction in the rate of increase

Mueller Out of Control

Manufacturing crimes from an investigation Click Here for Details and Video

MSU Professor: Wind Turbines Can Cause Illness

Dizziness and nausea are just two symptoms

The Future of America?

 Witness what the left truly is Click Here for Story and Video

The Worst RINOs

GOP senators show their lack of guts Click Here for Details

Why You Need The Wall

Border Rock Throwers Illegals crossing border and attacking border agents Click Here for Story and Video

Democrats Don’t Want to End Shutdown

Democrats keep voting to NOT end the shutdown Click Here for Details




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