Saturday January 4, 2014

 More Wasted Tax Dollars in 2014

  Ann Arbor Transit Authority looks to waste $650,000 just to continue studying how to do WALLY  commuter train between Howell and Ann Arbor Click Here for Details

Flu Season

Strong H1N1 virus making the rounds in Michigan Click Here for Story

Public-Private Compensation Gaps Still With Us

The public sector’s misconception of reality

By Michael D. LaFaive Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

In both Michigan and the nation as a whole, citizens are paying a premium to keep government employees living in the style to which they have become accustomed and giving them ever more areas of life into which to intrude. Yet there is little or no evidence that all these “investments” have made life much better — just the opposite, if anything. … more

Fighting Back

11 State Attorney Generals say Barack Obama is breaking the law with Obamacare changes Click Here for Story

Four Years to Prepare and Obamacare Failed on This?

  Adding a baby to your Obamacare plan not very easy Click Here for Details

Its a Dog Eat Would be Dictator World

Did Kim Jong Un feed his uncle to dogs for execution? Click Here for Story

Lowest Ice Melt in Years

So much for doctored studies that say we’re globally warming Click Here for Details

What to Expect

  Doctors’ office can’t get surgery authorization for patient Click Here for Story

Why are Billionaires Dumping Stocks?

  Warren Buffet and others are quitely dumping shares Click Here for Details

More Icy Problems

Another Icebreaker may get stuck Click Here for Story

 Spending Binge

  New Years brings giant spending spree by Feds Click Here for Story


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