Saturday July 13, 2019 The DailyDrift.Com

Union Folks Don’t Like Medicare for All?

Democrats could be supporting the wrong side of the argument Click Here for Details

Ann Arbor Goes Anti-Semitic?

will city council back anti-Semitic boycott of Israel? Click Here for Story

New Licensure Mandate And Fees Make It Harder To Be A Midwife

If fewer enter the profession, expectant mothers may have fewer choices

Michigan Bill Would Ban ‘Viewpoint Discrimination’ By Facebook, Google

 ‘Social media networks are the new public square’

Its This Bad

Doctors are walking away from border detention facilities they are overwhelmed with the crisis Click Here for Details

Defense Bill Passes

But only after sweetening the pot for Democrats Click Here for Story

Pedophile Island

Epstein’s private island in the US Virgin Islands Click Here for Details

Out of Touch

Rep Rashida Tlaib just doesn’t understand what a real crisis is Click Here for Story

This IS Whats Wrong with Washington DC

Democrats and some Republicans putting other countries graduates ahead of American graduates? Click Here for Story

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