Saturday July 18, 2015

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The Rising Price of Education?

U of M approves expensive design on Golf Course Clubhouse? Click Here for Details

State’s Corporate Welfare Agency Has a History of Secrecy

Since its creation in 1999 as the state’s primary agency in charge of economic development programs, the murky, nontransparent nature of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has been a concern.  … more

Will Congress Try to Stop Iran Deal?

IS there enough bi-partisan guts to stop Iranian nuke deal and override Obama veto? Click Here for Details

Obama in Denial

Notice how Obama won’t address Islam in terror attacks? Click Here for Story

Better Late Than Never

Army will rethink disarmed military sites Click Here for Details

Pure Stupidity

CNN analyst says he’s unsure Tennessee shooter’s name is Islamic? Click Here for Story

Taking in The Most Dangerous

Reuters File Photo   US immigration policy is taking in increasing numbers of Muslims Click Here for Details

Free Trade is One Way

  Trump rightfully says moving plants to Mexico does nothing for the US or its labor force Click Here for Story

Feds Epic Failure Again

Tennessee shooter traveled to Jordan yet NSA, FBI, DHS and CIA missed it? Click Here for Details

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