Saturday July 25, 2015

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The Problems of Section 8

Some public housing programs can devestate certain neighborhoods Click Here for Details

Expelling Mankind Won’t Make Earth A Paradise

Millions of people are saddled with a false premise about the natural world. This premise has become the lens through which they view themselves and all mankind. It is the misperception that the Earth was a small blue and green paradise until humankind came along and began spoiling it. … more

GOP Screwing the American Public by Limiting Debates?

Debate system is designed to keep out well qualified candidates and Donald Trump may well be the only non-establishment candidate who makes the cut  Click Here for Details

Hillary to Get Criminally Probed?

2 Inspector Generals are asking for criminal probes into Hillary Clinton email scandal Click Here for Story


Hillary’s emails did contain classified info on her private server Click Here for Details

Clinton Loves Big Banks?

Refuses to endorse Glass-Steagall legislation that curtails scandalous bank behavior Click Here for Story

Is the US Now Committed to Protecting Iranian Nuke Facilities?

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry makes a statement to the media before a closed door briefing with House members on the recent Iran nuclear deal in Washington July 22, 2015.  REUTERS/Gary Cameron   One part of agreement sure looks like it and Secretary Kerry isn’t saying no Click Here for Details and Here for More

Bowing to Sharia

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray 'wants to help Muslims' attain home ownership by offering shariah-compliant loans.  Is Seattle giving in to Sharia mandates? Click Here for Story

Drug Cartel Shoots Down US Helicopter

unnamed    Think the border isn’t priority? Think again Click Here for Details

Hold on To Your Guns

  With latest theater shooting Obama pledges to use remainder of term for gun control Click Here for Story

Surprise! Trump May Get Hispanic Support

IMG_1359  Lifelong Hispanic Democrat in Texas says he’s support Trump Click Here for Details and Video of Trump Speech

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