Saturday July 29, 2017

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Kid Rock Leads Senate Poll

Musician Kid Rock (Credit: REUTERS/Jim Young)Possible Senate candidate Kid Rock is leading poll in Michigan for Senate Click Here for Details

Senate Need to Go Nuclear

President starts pressure on Senate to get something done Click Here for Story

Priebus IS Out

Here’s how a Fox News host cost Reince Priebus his job at the White HouseWas he the leaker? Some at Fox News think so Click Here for Story

How Many People Should be in Prison? 

  It’s common to have a conversation about criminal justice reform that includes an anxious reference to the “mass incarceration crisis.”  … more

Most Teacher Salaries Are Increasing

  Michigan Radio has released a series of stories on teacher pay that it claims is an in-depth look at teacher compensation. But the NPR affiliate didn’t use actual data on teacher salaries available on public databases. Instead, it used surveys of teachers, who responded with numbers on their compensation.  … more

General Kelly IN as Chief of Staff

Replaces Reince Priebus Click Here for Story

Muslim Rampage in Liverpool

Muslim gang attacks non-Muslims on streets of Liverpool Click Here for Details and Video

North Korea Says It Can Hit All of USA?

Noko leader blusters with threats after latest missile launch Click Here for Story

Priebus Denies Being Leaker

Says he resigned Click Here for Details

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