Saturday July 6, 2019 The Daily Drift

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Breaking News: Another Quake in CA

7.1 Quake in Southern California  Click Here for Story

NOT Political

Despite media and liberals rhetoric POTUS stays non-political for Independence Day Celebration Click Here for Details 

The Trump Economy

Job OpeningsDespite alleged cooling of labor market 224,000 new jobs in June Click Here for Story

Union’s Rationing Scheme Would Consign Detroit Students To Inferior Schools

Teacher unions don’t want competition from non-unionized charter school

Universities or Roads?

A comparison of what a little extra revenue provides to residents

Communists Burn US Flag

4th of July scuffle in front of White House Click Here for Story

A Taste of Their Own…

Iran not happy with British seizing one of their oil tankers Click Here for Details and Video

Joe Biden Sides with Illegals

Confirms that he supports healthcare for illegal immigrants paid for by citizens Click Here for Story

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