Saturday June 11, 2016

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Google for Hillary?

Search engine is manipulating google searches to help the Clinton Campaign? Click Here for Story and Video and Here for More info

Trump Right Again?

Burning U.S. FlagFounder of Lawyer LaRaza group is bigoted against whites and a open border advocate Click Here for Details

Mr. Hockey is Gone

Gordie Howe passes away days after Muhammad Ali Click Here for Story

House Refuses to Ration School Choice for Detroit Parents, Children

    The Detroit Education Commission would not solve Detroit Public Schools’ deep-seated woes. But for many students, it would limit future avenues of opportunity. … more

Selling Access

PHOTO: At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, ABC News Brian Ross asks Rajiv Fernando about his 2011 appointment to the State Departments International Security Advisory Board.Major Clinton donor buys way onto National Security Board Click Here for Story and Video and Video

Who Let the Douche Out?

Donny Deutsch on right. (Image source: YouTube)  Donny Deutsch states Trump doesn’t want to be President? Click Here for Story

Ryan Under Fire for Helping Hillary

Anti-Trump statements don’t bode well for Ryan who has competition for his seat Click Here for Details and Video

Oooops Its Not Conservatives That Are Psycho

Scientific paper saying conservatives has issues had to reverse their findings Click Here for Story

Hmmm Want That Wall Now?

A resident walks by a section of the border fence between Mexico and the United States on the outskirts of Tijuana  Mexico can’t deal with flow of migrants trying to get to the USA Click Here for Details

Another First for Obama

Satisfaction with country at its lowest since Carter Click Here for Story

Brexit Gaining Steam

brexit-michael-gove-boris-johnson.jpg Sudden massive swing in support as Britain looks to leave EU Click Here for Details

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