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Hispanics stick with Trump

Immigration stance is not affecting Hispanic community’s support of POTUS Click Here for Story

Money Hungry Governor

Michigan Governor won’t think about removing sales tax unless another tax replaces it? Click Here for Story

Mismanagement, Incompetence Made Benton Harbor Schools A Financial Basket Case

Auditor’s notes blast leadership at a well-funded school district

Saving the Lemonade Stand

Texas Governor Abbott tells local governments to leave kids lemonade stands alone Click Here for Details

Supporting KellyAnne

POTUS won’t fire KellyAnne Conway for politcal remarks Click Here for Story

Iran Denies Attacks on Tankers in Gulf

Ship owner also questions accusations? Click Here for Details

Democrats Defend Criminals?

Julio Castro says”crime happens” when discussing stolen Social Security numbers by illegal immigrants Click Here for Details

The Trump Economy

US Factory production jumps as China’s slows Click Here for Details

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