Saturday June 23, 2018

  1. Disgusting Media

Ignore victims of illegal immigrants to focus on family separation of illegals Click Here for Story

U of M Increase

Rates rising at University of Michigan Click Here for Story

New 5G Internet Faster, Cheaper – And Vulnerable To Local Shakedowns

 Whether Michigan residents will benefit from the latest generation of internet and cell phone delivery platforms is, at least in part, in the hands of the state House of Representatives.  … more

Sickening Left

Leftists threatening children of conservatives Click Here for Story

Why We Need the Red Wave

POTUS knows the only way to end obstruction is to vote out Democrats Click Here for Details

A Win for Privacy

SCOTUS sides with privacy in court decision Click Here for Story

King of Douchebags

Failure looking for fame Click Here for Details


House Intel still waiting on requested documents from FBI/DOJ Click Here for Story


joe-scarborough Morning Joe shows his complete and udder ignorance of reality Click Here for Details

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